Electronic Cigarettes of Kentuckiana

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We recommend owning two batteries and charging them in the wall adaptor and not the computer.  Take care of your battery to help it last longer.  The first time you charge it, you need to charge it for a full eight hours.  Use the battery until it is completely uncharged every time.  When charging your battery remove the battery when the light turns green.  Do not constantly leave your battery plugged in the wall until you are ready to use it. (It could catch on fire)   Do not leave your battery plugged in when you are not home. When charging in a car, remove the battery when the light is green.

By hitting the button 5 times you turn the battery off and by hitting the button 5 times again you turn the battery back on.    We purchase our batteries from a company and are not responsible for what you do with it when you leave our store or what happens with it after we sell it to you.  We will replace faulty batteries with a receipt 60 days after purchase.  If you have any questions, please call us at 380-8444.

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